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Super Fancy Look


I teamed up with Nordstrom to create a fun party dress for ringing in the New Year….
but truth be told, I have no fancy plans for NYE.
Actually, I never really do.
One New Year’s I decided to fulfill all of my teenage dreams and go to Vegas to celebrate (I live about an 2 hours away) and it was a gigantic disaster.

I don’t know if any of you have ever had the pleasure of being in Sin City on such a night but it is not for the faint of heart.
Everywhere you go it’s so jam packed sardine-style you think you should be married to half those people by the time you squeeze through em!
These days I usually just hang out at the house, play games and eat treats until midnight…but if I was going to go somewhere for a NYE party this is totally what I’d wear:)

When I saw this dress I was thrilled! It’s such a pretty beige color and I love anything with sparkles and/or fringe so I was sold.
I was looking for something to go over it (it’s strappy and I needed more coverage) the girl at Nordstrom pointed this jacket out. She said it’s her very favorite because it’s soooo flattering and comfy and they usually sell out of it as soon as it comes in. OH MAN! I’ve never put on a jacket that I’ve loved more. True story. It has a little bit of padding in the shoulders and the cut hugs your waist perfectly!


dress5dress2 dress4


Published by , 30.12.2014 at 15:01
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Charles King
Charles King 2 January 15 13:09 Good look but her legs are a little bit fat! Text hided expand
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